Core Principles

#Activated movement purpose is to bring high energy & excitement back into our life. It’s a positive energy flow in action, sparking you to push your limits, conquer those nagging fears, uncover amazing strength, and break down barriers. We have 5 core principles known as Paper

1. Positive Mindset: Regardless of what’s happening in your life, everything is possible with a positive mindset . It improves health, work, relationships, life and empowers you to uncover amazing strength for a meaningful life.

2. Authentic: Be who you are regardless of what people thinks. People won’t agree with you or always understand you but being authentic will attract genuine people in your life. You begin to live your life rather than what other people except from you and your happiness comes from within instead of relying on happiness of others.

3. Passion: Be passionate about everything you do. Passion brings high energy, creativity, motivation, happiness and enthusiasm. Chances of success and what you want to achieve are much higher with passion than without it. Follow your passion and success will follow you.

4. Empathy: Having empathy and paying it forward attitude is important to help the less fortunate and caring for others. When you pay it forward, it always pays you back. Empathy creates that long lasting connection between people, bringing them together and spread the love to make our society a much nicer place to live.

5. Resilience: It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up. Power is within you to keep hustling to achieve your goal and keep moving forward. Unleash your powers and get back up stronger each time.