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Join the most powerful social #Activated Movement!

The #Activated movement promotes humanity’s search for inner strength, wisdom, happiness, and positivity. Our core principles main purpose is to bring high energy & excitement back into your life with positive mindset, never give up and pay it forward attitude. Through the power of community, individuals are passing #Activation by committing acts of kindness, creativity, and purpose.

Different people get activated in different ways. For e.g. volunteering, dancing, helping others, playing sports, meditating, taking of leadership role etc. It’s all about the mindset

Here are few ways to get involved and be part of this powerful social movement

1. Share the excitement of being #Activated on social media: Publish your #ImActivated moments (Videos & Photos) online today. Tag friends and us to spread the love
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Please use #activated #imactivated #activationnation #keepsmiling #activationissexy #givingbackissexy hash tags.

2. Become an Activator & Brand Ambassador : We know positive energy and happiness is deep inside each of us, but sometimes we need help to bring it to the surface. You can inspire and energize friends, family members, and even strangers, igniting their inner fires by passing message of activation and talking about our core principles. People forget about inspiring books and movies but message of activation resonates better as it comes from people like you.

Be proud to put your Brand Ambassador title on Social Media as you are one of the few who are changing our society for good!

3. Actively get involved in our activation challenges.


4. Create or be part of a local chapter where we need help organizing events and activating many people for better life.

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