Get #Activated

#Activated movement purpose is to bring high energy & excitement back into our life. It’s a positive energy flow in action, sparking you to push your limits, conquer those nagging fears, uncover amazing strength, and break down barriers. Most of us would rather be happy than sad, fulfilled than depressed, uplifted than brought down. In other words, we want to be #Activated!

Through the power of community, individuals are passing #Activation by committing acts of kindness, creativity, and purpose. Different people get activated in different ways. For e.g. volunteering, dancing, helping others, playing sports, meditating, taking of leadership role etc. It’s all about the mindset


That boost of energy you feel when you’re filled with life…
The passion you bring to special projects and events…
The adrenaline rush of positivity and empowerment…

Get #Activated by following our core principles, taking part in our activation challenges and practicing our daily mantra

Raise your hands high in the air and say it loud with excitement –

  • Imactivated for high energy & excitement
  • Imactivated for positivity
  • Imactivated for authenticity
  • Imactivated for hustle
  • Imactivated for smiling
  • Imactivated for paying it forward
  • Imactivated for making every moment count
  • Imactivated for resilience