Daily Mantra

Most of us would rather be happy than sad, fulfilled than depressed, uplifted than brought down. In other words, we want to be #Activated!
Will we still stumble at times? Of course! But when you can say #ImActivated, you can pick yourself up, smile, and move forward. We know positive energy and happiness is deep inside each of us, but sometimes we need help to bring it to the surface. Have you ever felt the desire to retune your mood like you would reset a computer ?

#Activated movement provides the spark to ignite your powers and make every moment counts

We came up with this Mantra to revive sense of excitement, joy, positivity and passion. In a matter of seconds, you could instantly change the way you perceive the world… all through the power of words!

This is what you need to do every  morning and every single time when you need positive burst of energy in your life.

Raise your hands high in the air and say it loud with excitement –

  • Imactivated for high energy & excitement
  • Imactivated for positivity
  • Imactivated for authenticity
  • Imactivated for hustle
  • Imactivated for smiling
  • Imactivated for paying it forward
  • Imactivated for making every moment count
  • Imactivated for resilience