About Us

#Activated movement began on 2nd of Feb, 2017 as an impromptu idea at an entrepreneur escape trip in Utah. It was started as a joke by Parveen Panwar. He found by saying “I’m activated” was a natural way to revive people sense of energy, excitement and joy. In a matter of seconds, they could instantly change the way they perceived the world… all through the power of words

After the trip, the participants took #Activation and its message of energy and excitement to the people in their lives.  The aim is to activate millions of people for a Positive, compassionate, resilient and energetic society. Many successful entrepreneurs became part of this movement and are actively helping out to take this movement to next level.

#Activated #ImActivated is buzzing through the Internet… now, it’s poised to become a worldwide movement. The end goal? A better society without barriers, filled with love, engagement, and pure strength. This movement promotes humanity’s search for inner strength, wisdom, happiness, excitement and positivity. Through the power of community, individuals are activating by committing acts of kindness, creativity, and purpose.

Join us, Get #Activated . Activate other people around you and make every moment count!